This series developed after a craving for dreamlike ethereal mark making. This was my first opportunity to explore painting as a medium of expression and a solution to artistic curiosities. Why
do surrealist and metaphysical visages capture our attention and fantasies, more so than any other paradigm in art? One cannot deny the effect dreamscape paintings have on our psyche.
They pull our focus. They hold our gaze hostage, releasing it only after they have impregnated our minds with a perverted sense of introspection. We are violated by the desires they force us to
acknowledge, question or perhaps defend. The static dreamscape can hold more truth to the internal idiom than all of the philosophies of antiquity. 
Contemporary approaches to these themes push boundaries and acknowledge our unified attraction to Freudian models of morbidity and sex. Elevation is an exploration of personally sensual and visceral experiences, designed to align with dreams, desires and harmonies in music, memory and spirit.
The paintings in this series are of the first I have ever painted.


A Cleansing 300dpi.jpg
The Explosive And Chaotic Nature Of Dreams.jpg
DreamSlip 300dpi.jpg
Forced Breath.jpg
Open Exposure 14x20.jpg
Captura Print 14x20 low rez.jpg
Capio Full Painting low Rez copy.jpg
The Consumer, The Spirit of Me.jpg
Assemble, Propaganda of Form.jpg
base backgrounds hi rez.jpg
Light and Leaf -2 low rez.jpg
Etherial Foot.jpg